Kinect Sports Rivals Launches For Free November 22nd

On Tuesday, one of the big announcements from Microsoft came from its Kinect unit, where they announced that the Kinect Sports Rivals would be available for download starting November 22nd, 2013. THe free trial experience will give Xbox 360 and Xbox One users a fun game to try.

The launch of the Kinect Sports Rivals game is one of the top new releases for the Xbox One on November 22nd, and will be a day one app to download for new Xbox One users. By giving them the opportunity to try it out, Microsoft is getting customer into using the new Kinect and more.


Highlights Of Kinect Sports Rivals

As noted in the blog post on the Xbox Wire, users can start downloading the Kinect Sports Rivals starting November 22nd to November 30th, and they can start earnings points right away. By playing it, users can achieve a founder sports title and special wetsuits to commemorate the launch of the Xbox One and celebrate its launch in November.

Additionally, players can compete against familiar faces according to Microsoft. Fully digital versions of various faces and AceyBongos will appear in the game to give it a full lifelike experience. The game will sure to be a hit, and unlocking rewards should prove to be a valuable experience and joy for players to the Xbox One in November.


Monthly Challenges

One of the biggest improvements to Kinect Sports Rivals will be the ability to get monthly challenges completed in the game. They will be available in the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub, and they will encompass both personal challenges and co-op battles. Nationwide and international challenges will also be available to pit users from around the globe against each other to show off the Xbox One’s abilities.

Lastly, users can compete every player challenge and race against friends in a fun split-screen mode. There is a new additional track by rising band Youngblood Hawke, that also gives Kinect Sports Rivals a new edge to it, and give customers and users fun ways to enjoy their Kinect solo or against other users.

I love the Xbox One and this new game. It brings social gamers together from around the world and gives players fun ways to enjoy the Kinect in an all new way from Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 Last Modified: October 30, 2013

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