Kinect SDK for Windows 7

Microsoft is keen on making the Kinect Windows 7 compatible. At the MIX 2011 they demoed the SDK and show us how easy it is to use Kinect to control the WorldWide telescope.

Kinect SDK for Windows 7

Lhong Zeng from uploaded a nice video on Youtube where Microsoft demoed the Kinect SDK at the MIX 2011 showing how to use the Kinect to control the WorldWide telescope.

The fact that Microsoft releases a Kinect SDK for Windows 7 is a first sign that Microsoft really want to make their record-selling gadget and integral part of Windows. This is also confirms the many Windows 8 rumors that Microsoft will try to add full Kinect support to Windows 8. If you haven’t heard it yet, Microsoft might introduce a smart instant log-in system in Windows 8 that will work together with the Kinect and will log you in instantly when the Kinect camera recognizes your face.

Are you going to give the SDK a try? Kinect hackers are already playing WoW with their Kinect in Windows 7 , but the SDK should give the Kinect hackers a tool to create even more impressive applications. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this. I guess we’re all going to own a Kinect in a year from now on anyway, thanks to the Windows 8 requirements.

Published: Thursday, April 14th, 2011 Last Modified: April 14, 2011

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