Kinect Launches For Xbox One In October

The Xbox One from Microsoft has been bundled with the Kinect for the $499 price, but recently, Microsoft unbundled the Kinect and made a $399 package available. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the upcoming release of the Xbox One Kinect starting at $149 in October.

There are plenty of reasons why users would get the $399 Xbox One unit from Microsoft. A lot of factors are price, and some are not wanting the Kinect. By offering the Kinect as a separate product starting in October, Microsoft is giving users the option to expand with the Kinect.

Microsoft Announces Kinect For Xbox One Available October 7

Available October 7

Via the news site, Microsoft announced that the standalone Kinect sensor foor the Xbox One will be available starting October 7. This is slightly higher than the bundled price at $499 with the Xbox One and the Kinect though. Microsoft is bundling Dance Central Spotlight as well with it though.

The inclusion of Dance Central Spotlight that includes 10 hot tracks, might make up for the price difference of the Kinect for the Xbox One on its own. It’s a $50 difference, and might be a reason to purchase the $499 combination versus the lower price solo unit. Some may have decided to get the Kinect at a later date, and this is their chance.

Microsoft's Xbox One Available With Or Without Kinect Sensort

Why Kinect Matters

The Kinect sensor gives the Xbox One a ton of new features that include voice and gesture controls for one. Users also get biometric controls with sign-in, instant personalization, instant scanning of QR codes, and features inside games that only the Kinect offers directly from Microsoft and its partners.

The availability of the Kinect on the Xbox One means that customers have the option to buy it later, albeit at a steeper price. Some might find the want it now, and previously didn’t want it before. Some might have chosen the price to be a factor then, and not have it as one now. Either way, the $149 Kinect Sensor for the Xbox One will be available to purchase, and should make Xbox One fans happy from Microsoft.

I love the Kinect on my Xbox One. It makes sense, but now users can get it later too.

Published: Thursday, August 28th, 2014 Last Modified: August 28, 2014

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