Kinect Blockbuster Games & Required Distance

Many developers are busy developing Kinect games, but we probably won’t see any blockbuster games for some time. Still, there’s a good chance that you will love Kinect.

Microsoft Kinect Distance

Kinect blockbuster games in 18 months
Microsoft revealed that they sent out the Kinect SDK nearly 2 years ago, but it will still be some time until we will see game franchises like Crysis, Medal of Honor or Call of Duty getting a decent Kinect game. Until then, there will be many family-oriented games. Here’s a list of the first great games for Microsoft’s Kinect:

1. Kinectimals – a game that involves raising virtual pets
2. Joyride – a racing game, possibly the game that we know from the Natal trailer
3. Kinect Sports – a sports game. Play volleybal, soccer, table tennis and other spots with your bare hands in a virtual world.
4. Kinect Adventures – a 4-player jumping game on a raft.
5. Dance Central – a dancing game by MTV

Required distance between TV and you

They also revealed that you need quite some space for Kinect. Kinect will require six feet between you and your TV – more than 2.4m. But if you’re jumping around in your room, you’d better get some more free space anyway or you’ll end up smashing your ming vase!

You can pre-order Kinect at the official Microsoft store.

Published: Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 Last Modified: July 22, 2010

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