Kinect And New Adapter Kit Released

One of the more interesting things that Microsoft has announced this year, is the product that will allow the Kinect Sensor from the Xbox to work on Windows PCs and tablets. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the latest update, with a $50 price tag for those interested in doing this today.

By connecting the Xbox One Kinect sensor to Windows PCs and tablets, it will open up a new set of experiences, games, and applications for users and developers. The final product with its announcements will take a while to develop, but marks a great date in computing.

Microsoft Announces $50 Kinect For Windows Adapter

Only $50 Is A Steal

The $49.99 adapter will allow users to connect the Kinect for XBox One to Windows PCs and tablets Microsoft has developed a new Kinect SDK 2.0 to help developers put together new programs, and has listened to a ton of feedback to make it happen. It has over 200 improvements and updates since they rolled it out in test mode in June.

Kinect Apps will also be available in the Windows Store. Users will be able to publish apps thee, and users can download 3 different ones now. Those include Kinect Evolution, Yakit, and 3D Builder. These are more developer type apps, but show off what can happen with the Xbox One Kinect adapter, and it combined with Windows power.

Microsoft's Kinect For Windows Adapter Used In Classroom Presentations

Kinect Adapter For Windows

The new $49.99 adapter will allow users to use the Kinect for Xbox One on Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 machines via a USB 3.0 port. It is being launched in two dozen countries, and will be rolling out to 41 in the coming weeks. It will be updated to bring users a great experience that they will enjoy.

Microsoft is also embracing developers with the new adapter, and two of them were announced on Wednesday. Care Innovations has put together a Respondwell product which allows seniors to visit doctors without leaving their home. Additionally, Ubi Interactive has launched a white board for teachers in Mexico, that will bring easier learning to 26,000 students in Mexico. These are just two samples of the apps that have been developed, and many more are to come as the $50 adapter has been finalized.

This Kinect For Windows for adapter is a huge thing. It’s one thing for games, but the social aspect of this will be much bigger for all users.

Published: Friday, October 24th, 2014 Last Modified: October 24, 2014

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