Kinect 2: Real Conversations With AI

We already know that Mass Effect 3 will have some form of voice control. RARE believes that we’ll soon have real conversations with AI’s – welcome to the future?

Kinect 2 AI Voice Control

According to RARE studios (a Microsoft owned entity), the future of Kinect is going to a point where you can have a naturally flowing conversation with the AI using Kinect. This they say will be possible very soon with the help of software.

Software Is Easy To Upgrade

According to what the RARE team, the Kinect is greatly upgradable through software and it is through this software that we will soon be holding natural conversations with the AI. The microphone is already there, they say and hence all that is lacking is the proper software. However, there’s a lot of room to be skeptical here.

Currently, the only conversation that you can have with an AI while using Kinect is completely controlled/pre-scripted. Concise and precise trigger phrases are required order get the desired effect.

Games With More Voice Control Incoming

However, more and more Kinect games are taking advantage of the speech recognition engine. Bioware’s latest masterpiece — Mass Effect 3 and Kinect Sports: Season 2 will both be having major talking points, literally.

However, these are still very short phrases and too specific like “change club iron seven” to sound anything like normal conversation. However, RARE’s people enthused that the time for that will come soon.

Given the cost of the putting that advanced an AI in to Kinect and that is to say nothing about the further localization that will need to be done, I don’t think this will come to fruition anytime soon. But even in it’s current, new born stage, the speech recognition is fun once in a while.

So right now, you can use precise voice commands for your party members in Mass Effect 3 and shout at your caddie with the pre-scripted command for changing your club.

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Published: Saturday, July 30th, 2011 Last Modified: July 30, 2011

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