Killer Instict Characters to Cost $5 Each

The development team behind the new version of Killer Instinct – the cult favourite fighting game from the 90s – have announced three different packages regarding the game’s release.

Killer Instict Remake is No Hack Off

Fans of the original Killer Instinct will also be glad to know that the new updated version is not a cheap hack off or a money grabber, according to Microsoft themselves. Speaking recently Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the company were allocating the necessary resources to make the game a hit.

“We’re working with Mad Catz on control, we’ve got Rare people looking at it. We’ve got people focusing on how it’s going to play because we want to build a great fighting game built for a live ecosystem. This isn’t going to cash in on the name; it’s going to be a real frontline game that people fall in love with.”


At the recent Gamescom event, Double Helix Games – the development team behind the new release and headed by Ken Lobb, showed off new gameplay footage and new characters in action.

More Killer Instinct Details Revealed At Gamescom

They also revealed how the game will be released, structured and various other features.

They revealed the game will feature character skins and accessories and players will be able to choose from a number of retro announcer voices along with new ones.


The game as previously announced, will be free to play with Jago as the sole playable character.

Five other playable characters will be available for purchase on launch for five dollars each, two more characters are expected to be released soon after launch.

Killer Instict Packages Announced

Furthermore Double Helix Games have announced that there will be different packages and features available for purchase. As mentioned each character will cost a fiver, but players will have the option to purchase the whole “combo breaker” pack to access all characters at a discounted price.


There will also be an “ultra pack” which includes all six, early access to the next two upcoming fighters and an emulated version of the original game. Ken Lobb has been quoted as saying the emulated version, at the moment will not include online multiplayer, but it is a possibility in the future.

Killer Instinct is an Xbox One exclusive available on launch, you can check out some of the gameplay footage at Gamescom below.

Published: Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Last Modified: August 29, 2013

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