Kill Processes with Microsoft’s PowerShell (by ID or Process Name)

Killprocesses_ll If you frequently have processes that are not responding, you can easily kill those processes using the built-in PowerShell from Microsoft

Windows PowerShell is a task automation framework of Microsoft that helps administrators to perform various tasks – the PowerShell ISE includes a command line shell, and a scripting language with .NET support. When any application running on your computer stops responding, you can make use of the PowerShell to quickly kill the process

Kill By Process ID or By Process Name

You can either kill

  • By processname: kill -processname mspaint (to get process name, open Task Manager or enter Get-Process)
  • By processID: Stop-Process 3512 (to get process ID, enter Get-Process)

In order to kill a process by process name you must know the correct name


1. Step Open Windows PowerShell ISE.

Windows PowerShell ISE

2. Step If you know the correct name of the process you want to close, then type the following command kill -processname mspaint ( for example if you want to close MS Paint) -> press Enter.

Write Command

3. Step If you do not know the name of the program, Press Alt+Ctrl+Del to open Task Manager-> Go to Process.

Go To Process

4. Step You will get a list of all processes

Find Original Proses name

There are loads of ways to kill processes that are not responding. Powershell is a powerful tool to write commandlets that quickly kill processes

Published: Monday, February 25th, 2013 Last Modified: February 25, 2013

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