Kickstarter: Leisure Suit Larry Looking for $500k For Remake Of Land of the Lounge Lizards

Kickstarter Leisure Suit Larry

The original Leisure Suit Larry will be “Reloaded” if you pledge. A remake of Land of the Lounge Lizards is then possible.

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Fancy another Kickstarter project? Whatever, you’re getting one: for Leisure Suit Larry

The Kickstarter bandwagon continues to go ahead at full steam as more developers come on board to the idea of going sans publisher. The latest project? Leisure Suit Larry. Reloaded.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards is a remake of the original, which released back in 1989. While not a new game, the project is being pitched as a modern take on the game that will be available on more platforms and promises to be better than the original ever could be.

The version will include support for mobile devices – presumably iPhones and iPads – with a “modern point-and-click/touchscreen interface.” Naturally the game will come with HD graphics, which would look great on the new iPad’s screen, along with fully voiced characters and “even more humor.”

The team working on the re-imagining say they have obtained the license from Big Software, with original creator Al Lowe on board. All of the original team is also in: creator Al Lowe, Josh Mandell, Sabine Duvall and Leslie Balfour. They also say if the game is successful, they could bring the overs on to modern devices.

As has been the case with the Kickstarter projects, more features are being added if funding is exceeded. These features are more localization. French, German, Spanish and Italian have been confirmed.

The game will come to XBLA, PSN, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone 7, Kindle (Fire, presumably), Linux and Mac.

There will be a full orchestra, and the game will be expanded with ideas from the fans’ suggestions if they are perceived to be good.

Reward tiers

Here’s a rundown of the various reward tiers:

• $15 gets a digital copy of the game, via Steam or a DRM-free version
• $25 nets you the soundtrack, and a digital copy of the game
• $50 introduces the artbook of the game in .pdf form
• $75 allows players to alpha and beta test the game and give feedback
• $100 brings the Collectors Edition, with a CD of the soundtrack and a mailed version of the game.

Find the full range of rewards over at

Published: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Last Modified: April 4, 2012

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