Keep Track Of Calories With Food Intake For Windows 10

One of the most important things when you are on a diet, is being able to maintain a level of calories eaten, and a record of what exactly you’ve eaten during the day. It has gone from writing it done, to dictating it into a phone, and now the app world. Now, Windows 10 users can keep record of their calorie intake during the day, and analyze it carefully with Food Diary.

Food Diary is a free Windows 10 app available on the Windows Store, and its main purpose is to let users keep track of their calories. You can either be on a diet, someone who is just looking to watch what they eat, or just be a health nut, and Food Diary will do it all for you. It’s a free Windows 10 app to try out, and has a ton of features to enjoy within the app.

Food Diary Helps You Log Calories On Windows 10

Food Diary Features

When you open up Food Diary, you will notice a very clean and easy to use interface, and that makes it easy to start using the app. It has a ton of foods built into the database, and it builds food suggestions for you as you log more of your daily foods into the app. This is what helps the app learn about your food intake, and give you suggestions on what to try, avoid, and seek out.

With the thousands of foods that the Food Diary has built into the app, the main thing that the developers point out, is that it is 100 percent anonymous, and usage stats are not shared with others. This lets you enter your calories and food into the app, and not fear it sharing it with others or the online world. Some are very conscious of their diets, and this app helps them with that.

Log and Maintain Calories With Food Diary

Reports and Goals

Once you start using Food Diary, you will start loving it, and then you can start generating reports for your calorie and food intake. You can start to see what is working for you, what isn’t working for you, what you need to eat, what you need to avoid, and more. This sounds easy, but once you start seeing it on a report, you might start avoiding certain foods if you see it spike a report.

Goals are the last thing that Food Diary helps you out with when using the app. Food Diary lets you set goals for daily calorie intake, maybe a set weight you want to attain, or a number of pounds that you want to lose. You may want to only eat 1,400 calories per day, and the Food Diary app will help you regulate the number of calories eaten, and keep you on track with those food goals.

Food Diary is free on the Windows Store now. It comes with ads to support it, but it is well worth it for perfect health.

Published: Monday, October 31st, 2016 Last Modified: October 31, 2016

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