Just Nigh Of 30,000 Microsoft Employees Tested Windows 8 Internally, Company Reveals

30000 Microsoft Employees

Along with the record-setting users testing Windows 8, Microsoft had a sizeable number of employees testing the upcoming operating system. 30,000, actually, a third of the company’s employees.

Microsoft’s serious about Windows 8, getting the operating system in the hands of almost 30,000 Microsoft employees during mid-July

We like Windows 8. We like it a lot, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about (for once). Instead, Microsoft has revealed in a blog post almost a third of its total employees number tested Windows last month: 30,000. It’s part of a process where employees use the operating system on a daily basis to test, along with regular consumers.

The figure came from mid-July, and presumably the employees tested the operating system over a much longer period of time. Employees weren’t just testing the operating system, however: Microsoft had self-help communities, online communities, and even help desks running. It looks like the company is trying to simulate release, October 26.

Microsoft also provided 75 devices with Windows To Go, the bootable version of Windows 8 from USB. Theses versions were provided to senior staff and engineers, though it’s not clear why all employees didn’t have the USB option. I booted Windows 7 from USB, and it was surprisingly easy.

Microsoft’s total employee count is 94,290 employees, so approximately a third of Microsoft tested Window 8. Along with the public testing the Consumer and Release Previews, Microsoft must have had plenty of data before the operating system reached release to manufacturing.

Plenty Of Data And Opinions

Who knows what Microsoft has learnt from testing. The operating system seems, generally, to be liked by consumers. However, there are users wanting just the Windows 7 experience. Enterprise is also unconvinced on the operating system, and the news of Windows 8 forcibly booting to the tile-based UI (I can’t say Metro, because it’s doesn’t exist).

Windows 7 is also on 50 percent of PCs, and it’s a very solid operating system. We don’t know the kind of launch hiccups Microsoft will experience. Gaming figures, including Valve co-founder Gabe Newell and id Software’s John Carmack, have expressed worries over Windows 8. I wonder if Valve feels threatened by the new Xbox Windows branding, and the integration of Xbox Live?

Windows 8 releases October 26.

Published: Friday, August 10th, 2012 Last Modified: August 10, 2012

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