Just Like Zelda? Darksiders 2 Is Different, Yet Similar, To Original Darksiders

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Darksiders 2 launches next month but, despite being set in the same universe as its predecessor, Darksiders, follows another character: Death. The Legend of Zelda-esque formula will continue, but the developers say there are definite differences.

Excited to play more Legend of Zeld-I mean, Darksider? Good, because Darksiders 2 launch August

Darksiders 2 features a new character, new mechanics, and a new story in the second character of the Four Horsemen. The developers didn’t want to continue War’s story, so hopefully we’ll get four games covering the Four Horsemen.

Darksider’s 2 creative manager, Jeremy Greiner, said the development team didn’t want to use War’s story again. It wanted to tell the story of the Four Horsemen, and said there isn’t a character better than Death.

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Death is also completely different to War: the former is quick, agile, and nimble. He is also sarcastic and arrogant, whereas War had honor. Death is also lighter, doesn’t block, and moves fluidly.

Greiner also insisted each player’s version of Death will be different: there’s hundreds of thousands of items of loot, for different play styles, and weapons will impact elements such as movement.

Just like Zelda

The world is also bigger in Darksiders 2, and is built from the ground up. Zones and dungeons are different, so textures and assets aren’t reused. Greiner admitted, though, that reusing some elements probably would have helped when polishing and bug-fixing.

He also said he believes retaining the core of Darksiders while building a different game is the right approach, and it seems like the best approach to differentiate each of the Four Horsemen. Building custom gameplay styles is exciting, rather than getting sequels iterating on the previous Darksiders. That would have been the problem with using a single character.

Darksiders 2 releases August 14 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC almost everywhere. The exception is Australia, where the title releases August 16.

Darksiders drew comparisons to The Legend of Zelda, for its action-adventure focus and dungeon format. It has a world to explore before entering dungeons. Hopefully Darksiders 2’s dungeons aren’t the focus of the game, with the world having worthwhile exploration. The combat is also just like Zelda: you can swing weapons in a repetitive manner, though combos can be unlocked to chain together. It’s really not necessary.

Published: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Last Modified: July 26, 2012

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