Just Dance 3 Windows 7 Theme For Dancers, Not Humans

You love dancing games? Download this Windows 7 theme with 3 Just Dance 2 desktop wallpaper!
Just Dance 3 Wallpaper Theme

Dancing games are selling like hot cakes! If you want some funky wallpapers for your desktop, this theme will be perfect for your Windows 7 PC. Please share on Facebook if you like it. Thank you!

Just Dance 3 Wallpaper

Just Dance 3 Wallpaper 1
Just Dance 3 Wallpaper 2
Just Dance 3 Wallpaper 3

Download Windows 7 Theme

Just Dance 3 Windows 7 Theme

Download Just Dance 3 Windows 7 Theme

Update: Correct Just Dance 3 theme will be up shortly, but these Just Dance 2 backgrounds are cool too

Published: Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Last Modified: December 15, 2011

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