July Games For Gold Titles Announced for Xbox

The Games For Gold program for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One has become wildly successful, and it is a major reason why people love the Xbox Live Gold ecosystem. Microsoft on Tuesday announced the latest additions to the Games With Gold program in July, and they look cool.

The Games For Gold program recently expanded for the Xbox One in the past month, and add to the already huge title list of Xbox 360 games. The latest additions make those who have the Xbox One and Xbox 360 proud users of Xbox Live Gold, and they get free games with it as well.

Gotham City Imposters Highlights July's Games For Gold From Microsoft

Xbox 360 Titles

For July, the Xbox 360 gets two titles for Xbox Live Gold members, and both of these games should prove very exciting for different reasons. The first is Gotham City Impostors, and this game is available from July 1 to July 15. It’s a multiplayer first-person shooter based in the Batman universe. It’s a fun shooter type game.

Second up is BattleBlock Theater, and is available from July 16 to July 31. This is a super fun kids game, and is meant for a younger gaming age. It’s a single player co-op, or you can save your friends in the game as well. It’s a fun game to play when looking for a kids game, and free at the end of July.

Microsoft Shows Off Free Game For Xbox One In July

Xbox One Title

While the Xbox 360 gets two free titles in July, the Xbox One gets one, and the one is called Gacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition by Drinkbox Studios. This is a fun game featuring a masked Mexican wrestler, and his plan to save his daughter from evil. It’s more of a side scroller.

This fun game is part of the [email protected] self-publishing platform, and highlights the power of indie game developers on the Xbox One. It will be available starting July 2, and replaces the previous title of Halo: Spartan Assault on the Xbox One. It usually goes for $14.99, so its a great deal for those looking for a fun free game.

All of these titles are available in July from Microsoft. They are free, so check them out.

Published: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: July 2, 2014

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