Julie Larson-Green Named CEO For Applications and Services Group

Julie Larson-Green has been a Microsoft employee for a number of years, and has held numerous top roles within the company. On Monday, Julie Larson-Green was named the new Chief Experience Officer of the Applications and Services Group, a major upgrade for her.

The nomination to name Julie Larson-Green to the new role within Microsoft is a surprising move for the company. Her move which is a vast improvement will leave her Devices and Studios Group position, and that position will now be now by Nokia’s Stephen Elop, a recent executive within Microsoft.

Microsoft Names Julie Larson-Green To New Role Within Company

Julie Larson-Green’s New Role

At Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green will now be reporting to Qi Lu, whom is the executive vice president of the Applications and Services Group at Microsoft. The group heads up a number of products within Microsoft, and is a strong move by Julie Larson-Green at Microsoft for her invaluable experience there.

In her short tenure at the Devices and Studios division, she saw the launch of the Xbox One, Surface 2, Pro 2, and games like Forza and Ryse. She also oversaw the launch of the new and improved Xbox Music andVideo service, and a number of upcoming products that will be unveiled later this year by Microsoft.

Microsoft Names Stephen Elop To Devices And Services Executive Role

Stephen Elop’s New Role

By making the move back to the Devices and Studios Group, Stephen Elop will be able to use his advantage of marketing products back at Microsoft. Since he has previously led the Nokia groups product lines with launches around the globe, he will certainly have the experience for the job. He brings his past Microsoft executive leadership to the role as well.

He comes over as part of the $7.2 billion dollar acquisition of Nokia, which is still pending, but will make a big splash on his arrival. He is a valued executive within Microsoft, and one of the major reasons why Microsoft bought Nokia’s group. He along with Julie Larson-Green are two of the most prominent new powers at Microsoft, and are strong appointments at the company.

Both Julie Larson-Green and Stephen Elop are top Microsoft leaders. They will be able to lead the company into the future at Microsoft with many fans and followers for sure.

Published: Thursday, February 27th, 2014 Last Modified: February 27, 2014

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