Join Group Calls On Latest Skype for iOS Update

Skype users on their iPhones and iPad’s who have been wanting to join group calls on their devices, haven’t been able to do that recently.

With the Skype update released on Wednesday, iOS users who use Skype will now be able to join group voice calls in a minimal new redesign of Skype.

The latest Skype for iPhone and iPad version 4.12 was released on the Apple iTunes Store on Wednesday, and addresses a number of bugs and fixes for users. The biggest improvement though gives users the ability to join group calls, which was a huge request from users of skype.


Latest Improvements

On the Skype Blog post, the latest improvements for version 4.12 of Skype were announced. The updates include: joining group voice calls, voice and video call quality improvements, accessibility improvements, dialpad improvements, getting help by accessing FAQ’s from the app, and finally general fixes and speed improvements.

Which iOS Devices Are Supported?

The latest Skype version 4.12 is available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch units with the 3rd to 5th generation units covered. In addition, the latest Skype update works on iPads that range from the original first generation to the latest iPad 4th generation and iPad Mini units.

Skype Listening To Users

These latest Skype improvements for iOS users were released in time for iOS 7 which was also released on Wednesday. The improvements will be very helpful and useful for those who use Skype a lot on their iOS devices, and shows that Skype is listening to their customers and making improvements that matter to them. The wide range of updates and enhancements to the Skype for iOS product shows that iOS devices also are important to Microsoft and Skype.

The latest Skype for iPad and iPhone 4.12 is available starting Wednesday on the iTunes store and is a free update. The update will surely be a huge download for users who use Skype a lot, and will make users excited to use Skype over other clients for their iOS devices. As Skype gains, other chat clients like Tango and Oovoo continue to gain ground, but Skype continues to innovate.

Published: Friday, September 20th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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