Job Posting For Windows Phone Mobile Studio Creates Kin Studio Deja Vu

Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business has put up vacancy for the Mobile Studio Team which will be a multidisciplinary team. It aims to “redefine the mobile phone for millions of everyday users around the world”. The candidate will be part of a team that will be working on extending the functionality of the Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 7 Mobile Studio

The description of the team members that follows is pretty much indicative of a large software project that has a wide scope and the name is reminiscent of the Kin phone. The Windows Phone for the 20-somethings demographic that never happened.

That phone has one very interesting and out of the box feature when it was first shown off last year — the Kin Studio. It was essentially a centralized way of looking at most of your communication activities plus a cloud storage system for your media. It brought together all your photos, videos, social updates and allowed you to go through your own archives by scrubbing through a time line. And you could also do contact management from the Kin Studio.

That project was scrapped then but may be it never really died. May be it just became wider in scope when Microsoft decided that this should be a pan-platform feature for Windows Phone and not just for Kin. Also, may be they are adding the Zune software features to it to make it more wholesome a deal.

Microsoft has already been making big plans for its cloud-based applications for their mobile business. So if they added something like what Amazon did with their Cloud Drive Music Storage for Zune, that would be a perfectly logical addition to the Windows Phone, following the current trends of the industry and the market.

Published: Thursday, March 31st, 2011 Last Modified: March 31, 2011

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