Job Post Hints At Skype Integration For Xbox: Could Be Durango Exclusive

A job post hints at a possible Skype integration into Xbox Durango

Skype is coming to Xbox? Yes, but not this generation’s

Skype integration into Windows devices has been a long-rumored feature, and something that would be a killer feature if Microsoft integrated it into Kinect (meaning we’ll actually use it). The latest news on the arrival of the software post-acquisition comes from job postings suggesting we’ll see the feature in the Durango next-gen Xbox.

The frustrating feeling comes from the fact Windows Phone has the service, despite Kinect arguably being more popular at the moment. Microsoft is pushing the motion sensing peripheral, and Xbox generally, as more-than-a-games-console. Wouldn’t Skype and the ability to talk via video over Xbox Live be a logical decision? Heck, imagine eight-player parties with Skype voice chat across all members? That’d be awesome.

One of the job postings at Microsoft is looking for candidates who can enable amazing new in-game and in-console voice chat for the next-gen Xbox. Microsoft couldn’t be more specific. It would also seem that the service is becoming more than an app, which is how it’s integrated into Windows Phone. I think Skype would have not gained the most possible users if it had been an app; it’d be welcome if you could go the far left or right screen to launch the service, like Bing.

Will there be cross-Kinect Skype integration?

Interestingly, the job post also says the integration is time-critical given what Microsoft called hardware lead times. That basically means the Xbox 360 is not a given for the integration, though there’s not reason to think the console couldn’t get the service after the Durango launch. The question is how Kinect 2.0 will differ to the current version. Will the technology be more advanced to the point where backwards compatibility support for Kinect isn’t worthwhile?

After a flurry of rumors earlier in the year of the next-gen Xbox and next-gen consoles in general, news has quietened down before E3 begins in eight days as of writing. We know Microsoft isn’t showing off the console at the Expo, and there’s no reason to think they will, while Nintendo is showing the Wii U and Sony are remaining quiet on its plans. It’s an exciting time, so stay here for all the E3 build-up and news.

Published: Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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