Jim DuBois Announced As Microsoft’s New CIO

On Friday, Microsoft made the announcement via a press release that Jim DuBois was named the permanent Chief Information Officer at Microsoft, and will be in charge of the companies technology. As a 20 year Microsoft veteran, he will report to Kevein Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer.

The move to name Jim DuBois as the permanent CIO of Microsoft doesn’t come as a shock to many, as he was been doing the job on an interim basis for the past six months. But, by naming him before the end of the year, he can focus on making 2014 even more productive for Microsoft.

Microsoft Names Jim DuBois New CIO

CIO Responsibilities

By becoming the CIO at Microsoft, Jim DuBois will manage a very large infrastructure of employees, assets, and technologies at Microsoft. He will be in charge of delivering support and products to billions of customers around the globe, and to the 90,000 employees of Microsoft in over 190 countries according to the release.

He has a team of employees overseeing the Microsoft IT applications, and he has a deep understanding of the technology from the release as well. As a 20 year veteran, he has held several leadership positions, which include being the general manager of IT, and VP of Microsoft Products and Services IT. He has a large job ahead of him, and has a large staff to help him do that.

Jim DuBois Comes With High Recommendations At Microsoft

Highly Recommended At Microsoft

In the release, Kevin Turner, the COO at Microsoft stated that Jim DuBois has outstanding leadership and manages the companies assets amazingly well. He also states that he is confident than Jim DuBois will delivery infrastructure and innovation at Microsoft, and has the proven ability to build business value and support customers around the globe.

As the new CIO at Microsoft, Jim DuBois will start his role on January 1, 2014, and report directly to Kevin Turner at Microsoft. As the company searches for its new CEO, the CIO role has been downplayed in the media, but as one would imagine, at a large tech company like Microsoft, the CIO role is almost as important.

I’ve heard of him before and am happy for Jim DuBois. Microsoft needs new leadership and hopefully this will be a positive move for the company.

Published: Saturday, December 21st, 2013 Last Modified: December 21, 2013

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