Jason Holtman Seen As Savior Of Windows Gaming

On Thursday, the gaming world of Windows and Microsoft got a new leader as Jason Holtman joined Microsoft, from his position at Valve. This hire by Microsoft will only boost the Windows gaming platform in the upcoming years, and brings the experience of Valve to Microsoft.

The hiring by Microsoft gives Microsoft a huge player in the game business. The announcement states that he will work to flesh out the Windows’ native gaming and entertainment efforts. With his strong relationship with developers, this is a huge win for Microsoft.


PC Gaming On The Rise

The move by Microsoft to hire Jason Holtman gives them the firepower to increase Windows gaming on the desktops and possibly tablets. His role at Valve was a very high priority role that had him talking with game makers, developers, and others who have roles in bringing games out quickly. As Microsoft centers on Xbox One, this other arm of the company can focus on building strong PC games for Windows and possibly Windows 8.1.

Windows Can Be A Great Platform

As mentioned in his statement, Jason Holtman stated that Windows has a great platform and he wants to help the gaming and interactive entertainment on the platform. Game developers have had a love/hate relationship with Microsoft, but possibly this can help the Windows gaming enterprise. Gamers are PC gaming more than ever, and with more powerful machines being rolled out, the future of gaming can be both on the desktop and console.

Maybe More Relationships Between Valve and Microsoft?

This move by Microsoft may institute a move to forge a stronger relationship between Microsoft and Valve. Microsoft and Windows have been wanting more game players using the desktop, and Valve has a huge number of players who love the system. Maybe now we can see more of an integration of the two platforms, possibly embedded in the Windows ecosystem.

Microsoft has been a gaming company, but not on the desktop. This move is a strong hire to bolster the Windows gaming platform. He is a huge name in the gaming business, and Microsoft made a good move to hire him away from Valve this week.

Published: Friday, August 16th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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