Jarvis UI: Apply Free 3D Themes To Your Windows 7 Desktop!

Download And Apply 3D Themes On Windows7 If you’ve always dreamed of having a UI that closely resembles the UI from Iron Man (Jarvis), then read our new guide and start customizing your desktop with 3D Themes

Walkthrough on Creating Personalized 3D Themes

1. Head over to our new article dedicated to Windows 7 3D Themes and Tools

2. Step Start downloading new Rainmeter themes from DeviantArt or Youtube

3. Step In the guide we teach you how to add and install Dreamscene without using 3rd-party tools and you can then start using YOUR OWN MPG files

Simply start rendering an MPG file using 3dsmax or Blender (yes, this requires some modelling knowledge, but even beginners should be able to create an asteroid field using pre-existing meshes

4. Step But if you don’t want to create anything yourself, you can find lots of nice MPG clips on Youtube

5. StepOptionally, you can download DeskScape or other software that adds virtual desktops (when pressing a shortcut your desktop will turn into a 3D cube and you can select one of the many desktops)

6. Step If you have any tips for other users or have questions you can contact us at [email protected]

A final result might look like this, but there’s a lot of stuff you can do with some scripting knowledge and modelling knowledge, so I advise everyone to learn some programming or modelling to create a fully personalized desktop and the skills will always come in handy and look nice on a resume too.

Animated 3D And Jarvis Interface 2.Jpg

Do you know of any other cool 3D themes that look awesome? Let us know. We’ll keep you posted on our top rainmeter themes. The latest recommendation can be found here

Published: Thursday, November 29th, 2012 Last Modified: December 6, 2012

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