First James Bond Bloodstone Screenshots

The first screenshots of the new James Bond 007: Bloodstone arrived. The screenshots are pretty amazing and look far more promising than the screenshots of Golden Eye 007 for Wii.

James Bond Bloodstone Pictures and Screenshots

James Bond Bloodstone will be released for XBOX360, PS3 and PC, but not for Wii. Finally, another – hopefully decent – James Bond game for PC! James Bond Bloodstone Release Date 2010: Activision plans to release James Bond Bloodstone during the holiday season 2010 (yep, 2010!)

Let’s take a look at the first screenshots of James Bond Bloodstone:

Why this will probably be the best James Bond game since Golden Eye? It’s being developed by the makers of Blur. Despite low sales, Blur is actually a decent game and one of the best arcade driving games since Midnight Club.

Published: Saturday, July 17th, 2010 Last Modified: July 17, 2010

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