Iwata Asks: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Design Discussed At “Mario Cram School”

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In the latest edition of Iwata Asks, Nintendo (Worldwide) president Satoru Iwata talks New Super Mario Bros. 2, releasing August. The game is releasing for Nintendo 3DS, not to be confused with the Wii U’s New Super Mario Bros. U.

Here are plenty of details on what went into the developer for New Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo may milk Mario to sells units, but when you own arguably the greatest franchise ever, who can blame them? Anyway, New Super Mario Bros. 2 was the topic in the latest edition of Iwata Asks.

Iwata spoke to Yusuke Amano, Game Director, and Art Director Masaaki Ishiwaka. The former worked on Star Fox 3D while the latter worked on Mario Kart 7 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The pair revealed development didn’t start on new mechanics; instead, the team focused on stage – or course, in their words – design. In a great insight into the development process, the team participated in Mario Cram School. Cram School is, well, school on how create Mario levels. The School was started by Takashi Tezuka to get more Nintendo developers knowledge of developing Mario levels. Toshihiko Nakago also made presentations, a long time developer of Mario games at Nintendo.

There’s Loads Of Coins

Amano is the game director for New Super Mario Bros. 2 because New Super Mario Bros. U is also in development, and Nintendo wanted to release the two titles ready as soon as possible. The team developing on the 3DS version is mostly developers new to the franchise, probably reason for the School.

Nighttime and evening levels are in New Super Mario Bros. 2, previously not in New Super Mario Bros. games, and the team wanted to create levels that brought frustration — and anger. An example is a level where Mario continually runs, so there’s an emphasis on precise platforming.

The coin gimmick came from the idea of wanting coins to be satisfying, and initially the coin block. It’s a hat which spawns more coins the faster Mario runs, and then the Gold Koopa Trooper was created. It spawns coins as you throw the shell. Then there was the idea to collect a million coins, and the Gold Mario power-up which allows golden fireballs to be thrown at bricks to turn them into coins.

Published: Saturday, July 28th, 2012 Last Modified: July 28, 2012

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