It’s Possible That EVERY Windows 8 Device Could Use Touch, For Better Or Worse

Windows 8 Touch Devices

Does using a touch screen on a laptop sound good to you? All Windows 8 devices could make use of the touch features

Microsoft sees Windows 8 as a touch-enabled OS, if the wealth of touch devices are anything to go by

I’m not sure how I feel about having laptops with touch screens that run Windows 8, even if I don’t have to use them. The idea of stretching over and putting my faces up against a 13-inch screen to touch isn’t ideal, though that hasn’t stopped manufacturers bringing them out for Microsoft’s OS at Computex this week.

Some of the devices are the Asus Taichi, which is a 13.3-inch laptop that houses an additional 11.6-inch screen and back side of the device. That’s where the touch screen tablet functionality begins, which is a kind of intelligent way or getting around my aforementioned issue. And it’s also a neat way of removing the device from the tablet-laptop hybrid category, at least in terms of how they usually fold back onto each other.

Android and Windows 8, Together?

However Asus has unveiled hybrid devices, which can be used as a tablet independently or as a laptop with an attachable keyboard. The company is also offering the Transformer AiO, which as a detachable 18.4-inch screen which is a tablet. I’m not sure people want tablets that size, because not only had Apple developed the demand for a 10-inch size but 18 inches is just very big. Think about the practicality of holding an 18-inch tablet, and the added weight. That kind of screen size is reserved for laptops, which are rested on a surface. There’s a reason for that.

It also docks into laptop mode, and runs Windows 8 and Android. The latter can be switched to a tablet mode, which I don’t get because Android is a poor tablet OS; Windows 8 will have much more developer support.

In a move to try and push Apple aside, Intel has made a deal with touchscreen display manufacturers to prevent Apple from monopolising the technology prior to the Windows 8 launch in October. The fact is Apple pays good money to manufacturers to create the displays, and ships millions of units in days, so whether companies will be incentivised to switch is not answerable at this point.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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