It’s Officially Official: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Release Date November 13

Black Ops 2 Reaveal

Black Ops 2 will take place in future Los Angeles, 15 years ahead..and the release date is now set

Post-rumors and post-trailer, November 13 is now the official date when the next instalment in CoD arrives

On the day Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has its worldwide reveal, UK retailer GAME has confirmed when the game will release: November 13. That’s seven days after Halo 4 releases – November 6 – so the opening weeks of the month are going to be full or TV ads and release trailers (and players who argue over which games is better).

The shooter is hinted to be set during the 21st Century Cold War and during a battle in Los Angeles, moving from the special ops, undercover theme of the first Black Ops. Alongside the confirmation by GAME, the Black Ops 2 website has gone live (though probably prematurely – the trailer doesn’t actually play yet). With the trailer, the game is described as as pushing the boundaries of Call of Duty there is a new generation of warfare. The game will also be available for pre-order alongside the reveal trailer.

The thumbnail of the YouTube video shows a burning high-rise city in the background with a helicopter flying low, towards the burning city. No doubt the trailer will be action packed with plenty of flashing images and explosions and everything else the Call of Duty series is known for.

Placeholder Coming Soon images are on the image portion the website – one is called quadrotor and the other claw, perhaps weapons from the game that’s going to be focused around? It would seem so, as a leaked image shows a UAV-esque device with four rotors that includes a machine gun. The weapon, likely a killstreak, is set about 15 years in the future. The Claw image is some kind of artillery weapon, though there’s no leaked image of that.

Target confirms pre-orders

U.S. retail chain Target also confirmed that there will be pre-orders from tomorrow, May 2. No Vita and 3DS were mentioned, so perhaps Treyarch is focusing on producing the authentic Call of Duty experience.

I think at this point fans who want to buy into the game will. Speaking personally, I couldn’t care less. Sorry about that.

Published: Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 Last Modified: May 1, 2012

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