Is Windows 10 The Best Windows Ever?

As the number of users who use Windows 10 grows by the month, the evolution of Windows continues as well. Each update makes it better, making past versions of Windows a memory. But, is Windows 10 the best version of Windows so far?

Users of Windows 10 will definitely tell you that Windows 10 is sure a lot better than Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but lacks features from Windows 7. Users can also go back to Windows XP in their wishlists, but need to be realistic as well.

Is Microsoft's Windows 10 The Best Ever?

Windows 10 Enterprise Play

While the current version of Windows 10 is clearly aimed at the consumer, a large portion of it has also been driven by the enterprise. Microsoft lost a large portion of these users with Windows 8, and needed to get them back.

Consumers will adapt to any version of Windows, and voice their concerns in forums, message boards, and social media. But, enterprise customers simply won’t spend their big budgets, and keep using dated hardware & software if they can. Windows 10 stopped that from happening.

Microsoft's Integration Of Windows 10 and Xbox One Makes Some Happy, and Some Not

Features and Wishes

Since the launch of Windows 10, users have applauded Microsoft on the number of new features, stability issues, and reliability of the operating system. It gives users a much better operating system, and at no cost to them.

But, diehard Windows users can always go back to earlier versions of Windows, back to XP, and clammor for features that should’ve made it in, but didn’t. For the most part, Windows 10 has it all, but still leaves enthusiasts wanting the ultimate Windows 10 release.

Is Windows 10 the best ever? Sales figures and user numbers seem to indicate it, but we will see as it evolves into Windows 10 and more.

Published: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 Last Modified: February 2, 2016

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