Is This The Microsoft Band 2?

The Microsoft Band has been a somewhat impressive product that was issued by Microsoft to compete with the growing wearables market. On Monday, leaks about the Microsoft Band 2 came out, and it makes the Band 2 look like a much more impressive product.

The Microsoft Band was sold exclusively through Microsoft Stores at first, and that limited the appeal of the device. It grew with API partners and more, but never really hit the best-selling status that they wanted. The Band 2 could change this a lot.

Microsoft's Band 2 Leaks On Spanish Blogs On Monday

The Microsoft Band 2 Leaked

The leaks surrounding the Microsoft Band 2 intially came via a Spanish Microsoft blog called The upcoming Microsoft event on October 6th might reveal the Band 2 in its full detail, but the leaks point to a much more refined device.

The Microsoft Band 2 has been given the codename Envoy, and is much more sexier than the current version. It has a metallic front panel, physical buttons, and a curved shape that should fit wrists. This will make it sell globally easier than ever.

Microsoft's New Band 2 Features A New Curved Shape

The Band Versus Others

The Microsoft Band 2 can be one of the better wearable devices on the market today with the alleged revamps leaked on Monday. A sexier look and physical buttons should appeal to more users, and a sharper look will help it compete with Apple, Google, and others.

The Microsoft Band clearly has a larger number of partners and fitness partners, and Microsoft has the ability to extend it to more partners. It needs to compete with more expensive products by giving more features and third party services to users, and it might just to that with the Band 2.

The Microsoft Band 2 should be seen next month according to rumors. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one, but the second version looks pretty slick.

Published: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 Last Modified: September 22, 2015

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