Is the Wii U the Most Dynamic Next-Gen Console?

Wii U Most Dynamic Next Gen Console

Nintendo could prove once again taking risks is worth doing.

The Wii U has been laughed at at times, but it could yet be the winner in the next-gen battles/h2>

The Wii U name isn’t Nintendo best; I get the company is trying to bring the console back to “U” – or rather us – but the Wii 2 would have been a more natural title and would have had multiple connotations. Along with that Nintendo has introduced a capacitive tablet that lack multi-touch functionality unlike the iPad, so can Nintendo really make the Wii U a success?

The answer is, absolutely, yes. For starters Nintendo has a large install base from the Wii, who are going to look for another family friendly console. While the Wii U is definitely pushing for more third-party developers – and not just Ubisoft who provide plenty of shovelware – games such as Wii Sports will be returning. Well-respected titles such as Pikmin, and Nintendo’s first party titles, will bring in loyal Nintendo fans. Then again, those fans were always going to buy the console.

The Wii U’s tablet is also a potential winner. We don’t know the technical limitations of the tablet, but if Nintendo can increase the distance of the tablet between the console and the device then there’s definitely an interesting prospect … if I can be playing the next HD Super Mario title on the console and that tablet, and I’ve always wanted to play Super Mario on a non-DS or 3DS platform. However, if the tablet has to be wired to the console then I will be severely disappointed. Nintendo’s previews seemed to suggest players could turn the console off, pick the tablet up and resume the game immediately.

Competitive online space

Nintendo has also promised that the online functionality in the Wii U will be much more competitive with Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, which is long overdue. The Wii could barely put players together on Mario Kart Wii, so if Nintendo wants people to be playing Call of Duty then voice/party chat and a reliable matchmaking system is needed.

As has been started with the 3DS, post-launch DLC and patches need to be supported. This is an opportunity to 1-up Microsoft, who are slow to provide post-launch patches.

Published: Friday, May 18th, 2012 Last Modified: May 18, 2012

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