Is Sony A New Windows Phone Partner?

For the Windows Phone fans out there, news about Windows Phones is always exciting, but on Tuesday rumors started circulating about a new hardware partner, and that makes it even more exciting. News about Sony coming on board as a Windows Partner means new phones are coming.

A report circulated on Tuesday on various news sources about how Sony is going to be a new Windows Phone partner, and as soon as mid-2014. The phone or phones from Sony could have the Sony Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services along with the standard Windows Phone ecosystem of programs.

Sony Posing As Possible New Windows Phone Partner

Why Sony Matters For Windows Phone

This news about Sony joining in on Microsoft’s Windows Phone partner program is big for Microsoft. Microsoft is clearly looking for additional phone partners and hardware partners that can join them to build great devices, and Sony has a clear track record of building great phones for Android.

The rumors of Sony joining in on the somewhat limited Windows Phone partner program also means that companies like Sony see future with the Windows Phone program. This is very important as the Windows Phone program has gained users throughout the world in the latest quarters, and gives Sony time to build excellent devices for Windows Phone.

Sony Reportedly Interested In Becoming Newest Windows Phone Partner For Microsoft

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Partner Program

As Microsoft continues to evolve the Windows Phone program with its partners, it is continuing to reach out to partners to get them to build for it. Microsoft has reached out to ZTE to get them to renew interest in Windows Phone, and is looking to waive license fees to get them to get them building for Windows Phones according to reports.

Microsoft by getting Sony on its side with new Windows Phones in 2014, can rekindle interest in the Windows Phone program. Sony clearly has a huge user base, and can deliver products and Windows Phones around the world to customers. It makes quality products and great phones, and it would just be a matter of partner licensing details and profits to get them onboard. Many expect it to happen, and should happen in 2014.

I love this idea of Sony joining in on Windows Phones. Sony makes great Android phones, and needs to branch out to continue its revenue improvements for 2014.

Published: Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 Last Modified: January 1, 2014

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