Is NewsCast The New Microsoft News App?

No matter what the source, news has a way to capture the interest of millions and get them very interested in breaking stories. Microsoft realizes this, and according to many, are testing a next generation news app called NewsCast, which looks pretty exciting.

While the NewsCast app is still in testing, and only a few screenshots have leaked out, the NewsCast app has gotten a lot of internal testing at Microsoft. It’s aimed to take advantage of Bing’s reading skills and the speech to text system that has only gotten better over time.

Microsoft Is Building A NewsCast App For Mobile Users

What Is Newscast?

The idea behind NewsCast is that its a single app that will let users get a more productive commute. It’s being tested within the walls of Microsoft now, and is only available in test builds. It will let users listen to news bytes, sixty seconds in length.
These sixty second news snipets are perfect for media consumption while on the road, on a mobile device, and anywhere media and news is to be consumed. It can contain bundles of local, national, and global news according to the early screenshots leaked.

Microsoft Might Let Users Listen To Sixty Second Newscasts On The Go With NewsCast

Speech To Text Enabled

What makes the NewsCast app work so well, is Microsoft’s strong text to speech element, that its been working on for sometime. It gives the users two different voices to listen too, and they alternate between stories. This keeps it lively and interesting.

The NewsCast app is definitely in beta build, and has only preset sources of source lists according to many whom have tested it. The voices are still in beta as well, and Microsoft might use Cortana’s built-in voice to enable that during future builds. It’s still in beta, but users are able to try it out via a beta link as well.

NewsCast is a pretty nifty and exciting news app. It’s able to be tried out today, and if you are mobile and enjoy news, it could be for you.

Published: Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 Last Modified: August 18, 2015

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