Is New Super Mario Bros. U Not Launching With Wii U? (Video)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Test Review

Comment from Nintendo during an IGN hands-on demo fo New Super Mario Bros. U suggest that the game won’t launch alongside the Wii U, despite Nintendo president Reggie Fills-Aime saying the game would launch with the console.

We don’t know for sure what the Wii U’s launch titles are going to be, but New Super Mario Bros. U might not be one

When IGN posted a demo of New Super Mario Bros. U, it was surprising that Nintendo PR Manager Kit Ellis said the game would be launching soon after – not on – the launch of the Wii U. We also got to see more details of the game, including new suits along with GamePad functionality.

It was apparent the graphics are much sharper than New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but we saw a new suit called the Flying Squirrel. Nintendo said it brings verticality to the game, as jumping and the holding down the jump button can be used to float down to the surface or the controller can be shaken to get a boost. The side of a wall can be held upon, which was described by Ellis as an extended wall jump.

The GamePad functionality is in the form of players being able to tap the touch screen to spawn platforms, which shrink when touched. Ellis described this as an aid for new and experience players, whether navigating difficult levels or assisting speed runs. It was also confirmed four-player co-op is back with Mario, Luigi and two Toads available. It’s disappointing we’re not getting unique characters, Super Mario Bros. 2 style.

Yoshi Returns, Players Can Leave Tips

Another new edition is Baby Yoshi; grabbing onto a Baby Yoshi and shaking the controller causes them to inflate and pull players into the air to reach high platforms or avoid enemies. In Super Mario World, Baby Yoshis can transform into adult Yoshis by eating five pieces of fruit. We don’t know whether that will happen in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Miiverse, Nintendo’s online system, supports questions being asked in the game when players get stuck – or to send tips – similar to Demon’s and Dark Souls. We still haven’t seen how this is going to work in practice.

The video below is the IGN hands-on demo:

Published: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 Last Modified: July 17, 2012

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