Is Microsoft Investing In Foursquare?

On Thursday, Bloomberg came out with a report that discusses Microsoft possibly investing in the social media haven company Foursquare. In the article, both Microsoft and American Express are trying to get an equity stake in the company, and could prove a bidding war ahead.

In the article, Microsoft is trying to outbid American Express for an investment in the company, and not wanting to join with American Express. The investment by Microsoft, could give it a huge play in social media, and make its mobile world even larger with a Foursquare integration.


Microsoft Invested With Facebook, Why Not Foursquare

Early on in Facebook, Microsoft invested money into the company and has seen its investment grow to unbelievable numbers. This move into investing into another social media giant could see an investment into the company as a key thing for its social media and mobile future, as Facebook is today.

Foursquare Looking To Raise Money

Why Microsoft would invest in Foursquare, is all about Foursquare looking for money to grow. They are selling ads and growing at huge numbers, and the investment would give them seed money to expand that. By combining with another company, they won’t have to seek venture capital funds and can grow an alliance with a large company like Microsoft.

New Foursquare App For Windows 8

An interesting timing of this story coincides with the latest launch of Foursquare on Windows 8 this week. The app launched yesterday on Windows 8, and is a huge success according to the various reviews on the site. The big power of Microsoft in the company along with its R&D could leverage Foursquare into growing immensely with merchants and users. A search function with Bing could also be integrated, and with that would make the mobile social media company a huge leader for recommendations, reviews, and more.

This all points to interesting times for Microsoft and Foursquare. A new app could mean new business and investment opportunities, and a new alliance between the two companies. It is clear that Foursquare wants to expand and wants to grow, and needs capital, and Microsoft is clearly one of the leaders who can do this, and make it grow immediately.

Published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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