Is Microsoft About To Buy Nokia, And Is There Value?

Microsoft Buying Nokia

All-time low shares cause speculation to surface that Nokia will be acquired by Microsoft.

Nokia’s lowest shares since the 1990s prompted speculation to company is to be acquired by Microsoft

Nokia has been successful since partnering with Microsoft and Windows Phone, launching notable the Nokia Lumia 900 earlier this year which sold 1 million units during its launch. The company’s lowest shares since the 1990s has prompted speculation that Microsoft will now acquire the company.

Apparently, Nokia’s shares have fallen to such a low that they have been described as below book value – or worth more dead than alive. That’s a pretty damning statement against the company, who made the deal with Microsoft last year to some controversy among Nokia employees. They felt Nokia was ditching Meego and Symbian, its two operating systems, with the former debuting in the Nokia N9 and looking very good. I’ve considered buying it many times.

Despite being one of the most valuable companies in Europe, the shares fell to 2.20 Euros. The rumor of Microsoft acquiring the company has been persistent and will continue to be persistent as long as the share prices remain low.

Windows 8: Kickstarting Windows Phone?

The Wall Street Journal said the alliance between the two companies is strong, but said it’s possible Apple and Google won the mobile phone business and others are doomed. I don’t think that’s quite the case, because Microsoft has made ground with Windows Phone. Its biggest problem is getting more developer support, which I think Windows 8 will help with. The paper added Microsoft could buy Nokia easily, but what would the value be for Microsoft? Nokia is producing Windows Phones that sell, which is what Microsoft wants.

Microsoft apparently has 46 billion Euros in cash, while Nokia is valued at 8.4 billion Euros. There’s been no speculation on other companies – such as Apple, Samsung or RIM. The latter is launching a reboot of its smartphone OS – BlackBerry 10 – while Samsung and Apple are firmly focused on Android and iOS respectively.

Nokia couldn’t launch Meego again either, I think, because like every other smartphone OS it would need developer support. And with iOS, Android and Windows Phone taking the top three sports, where’s the incentive? Answer: there isn’t any.

Published: Sunday, June 10th, 2012 Last Modified: June 10, 2012

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