Is Crytek Developing Crysis 3 For Wii U? We’re Confused

Crysis 3 On Wii U

Crysis 3 is coming to HD systems and the PC, of course, but what about Wii U? Nintendo is pushing its next-generation console as a third-party platform, and the developers have said it is and isn’t coming the console.

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We’d like to know if Crysis 3 is coming to Wii U, but the developers apparently don’t have a PR department

Crysis 3 debuted at E3 2012 to a … mixed reception, I think it’s fair to say. Crytek has promised, before showing off the game, a melding of the open world approach to the original Crytek and the more linear narrative to Crysis 2. Instead we saw a corridor – or should I say staircase? – shooter, and the developers are conflicted over whether the game is arriving on the Wii U.

Crytek producer Mike Rein said to CVG there’s a chance, but the Wii U doesn’t have a release date. He said the studio is working with Nintendo, but couldn’t reveal more information. He also said Crysis 3 is releasing in just eight months – February 2013, though no specific date has been announced – but it is possible.

Of course, the Wii U probably isn’t going to compare to the PC version. Therefore, a Wii U version is likely to be a port to work with the weaker hardware considering how Crytek likes it games to be a technical showpiece.


We don’t know the official internal hardware specifications, though, but Nintendo’s large casual user base means a high price isn’t attractive. Therefore weaker hardware, compared to the next-generation console from Microsoft and Sony, is likely going to be used. We’ve seen rumors saying the Wii U is less and more powerful than current consoles. Basically, we have no idea.

However, director of creative development at Crytek – Rasmua Hoejengaard – said there’s a fat chance of Wii U getting Crysis 3. There was no explanation as to why a version won’t exist, so hopefully he’s wrong.

There’s a worry compensating for the Wii U’s, potentially, inferior hardware compared to consoles getting the version in February 2013 will lead to an inferior product. Reduced power means reduced scope, probably, but then why isn’t Nintendo competitive with current consoles?

Crysis 3 releases February 2013 for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Published: Monday, July 30th, 2012 Last Modified: July 30, 2012

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