Is Appy Text The Next New Text Editor On Windows 10?

Many of us use text editors in our lives for various things. I use it as a writing tool for many of these articles, and have tried a bunch of them out there. When Appy Text was launched recently, I decided to try it.

Appy Text is a new text editor from Bardi Golriz, and its a super fast text editor built for Windows 10. It lets writers write and content to be made, without a ton of interruptions and is a simple free app.

Windows 10 Gets A Great Text Editor Named Appy Text

A Simple Text Editor

The thing that you’ll notice with Appy Text, is that it loads up extremely fast, and works right out of the gate. It lets you start typing right away, and gives you a nice blank page to start typing on quickly.

The lightweight app works on PC’s, tablets, and phones. It syncs up with OneDrive and other cloud services, and this makes it a great app to have on all kinds of devices, if you type a lot, program, write, or more.

Take On Text In New Ways With Appy Text

Free With Premium Adds

While Appy Text is a free app on Windows 10, it does come with upgrades that are actually worth the price. The app itself comes with a 30-day free Premium trial, and that lets you decide if you want the extras.

The premium extras on Appy Text include tabs, auto-saving, markdown support, along with dark and sepia themes. All of these premium additions are actually worth the additional cost, and Appy Text easily impressed me.

If you love text editors, Appy Text is for you. Give the 30-day premium trial a run, and you’ll be enjoying it 24/7.

Published: Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 Last Modified: April 25, 2017

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