Is Alan Mulally The New King Of Redmond?

In many articles that came out on Tuesday, speculation surrounding the upcoming CEO choices for Microsoft were out in droves.

Articles from the Wall St Journal to others speculated on the names, but one name from Detroit is quickly gaining a top position in Redmond.

The possibility to have Alan Mulally as the next CEO of Microsoft came indirectly via sources after a corporate board meeting. Other names like Stephen Elop and others came in as top choices, but rumors as speculating that Microsoft is aiming to pick Mr Mulally over others.


Why Alan Mulally?

Microsoft’s board is looking at Alan Mulally as someone who has a strong grasp of technology and as someone who turned Ford around into a leading automotive company. Ford as relationships with Microsoft with the Ford Sync products in the Ford Units. The choice of bringing him in as a replacement for Steve Ballmer is gaining interest from investors and other members involved with Microsoft’s inner workings.

The Choice Of Top Microsoft Investors

When asking Microsoft’s top 20 investors, at least three of them chose Alan Mulally as the next CEO choice for Microsoft. Other names that were brought up were Mike Lawrie of Computer Sciences, but Alan Mulally with his large turnaround of Ford, and his aerospace background is a top choice with investors

No Server / Enterprise Experience

The knock on bringing in a non technical CEO like Alan Mulally into Microsoft is that he doesn’t have server/enterprise experience, nor cloud experience, and this is what Microsoft is turning into now. But, what Alan Mulally brings to Microsoft is the ability to lead a Fortune 500 company and how to make it succeed. Mike Lawrie has the IT experience and has more of a technical background for those IT inclined decision makers.

The choices for the next Microsoft CEO are many, but two front runners are quickly gaining steam in both the Redmond and Wall Street circles. Either one of the names mentioned are great picks, but a name like Alan Mulally will bring Microsoft and its investors a turnaround artist who can lead the company for the next years ahead. Who the final CEO choice is will be decided at a later date.

Published: Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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