iPad Trade-In Program At Microsoft Stores

In kind of a weird but interesting move on Thursday, Microsoft in some of its retail stores enabled an iPad trade-in program for customers. Those with iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 tablets will be able to go into a Microsoft store and get a gift card for a new Surface or other Microsoft item.

This move by Microsoft is clearly going after the iPad user, and is trying to get iPad users using the Surface, Surface Pro, or possibly other RT tablets. The deal kicked off September 5th and is available at select stores in the US until October 27, 2013

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Apple: The New Target

This retail move by Microsoft is going right at Apple and the iPad, and it is very clear on that. They want Windows 8 devices to be more popular in the school, university, and business worlds, and by including Office with them, they could do that well. The business customer is seen as the perfect Windows 8 device owner by Microsoft.

Min $200 Gift Card Available

In the fine print of the offer, Microsoft is giving customers a minimum $200 gift card to use for the purchase of a Surface or other cool products at the Microsoft Store. This won’t be enough to trade in for a Surface RT or Surface Pro, but it will get customers inclined to spend the extra money towards the Windows 8 devices if interested.

Wait For Windows 8.1?

As the number of Windows 8.1 devices and tablets are announced by the day, the idea to run this offer now is puzzling to journalists and those who follow Microsoft. As Windows 8.1 will not be released until late October, users will have to trade in now, and then wait for the update next month.

This move by Microsoft is a gutsy one, and is going after Apple at the retail level. They want business and enterprise customers to use the Windows 8 Surface and Surface Pro units, and are using these trade-in programs to do it. If this works, it could get Surface units out from the warehouses to the customers, and get old iPads into the recycling centers of Microsoft and others.

Published: Friday, September 13th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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