Investments and Education Lead New Microsoft

The news about Satya Nadella being named the new CEO at Microsoft certainly made front page news on Tuesday, but other announcements were made as well. Microsoft made a significant investment into Foursquare and teamed with other companies to further education as well.

The two announcements about the investment of $15M into Foursquare and a collaboration for education dimmed in comparison on Tuesday, but are significant news within Microsoft. By making Bing more local and education more accessible, Microsoft is expanding with its new CEO.

Microsoft Invests $15 Million Into Foursquare

$15M Investment Into Foursquare

The first big news on Tuesday, was the $15M investment that Microsoft made into Foursquare, and licensed a commercial deal for its data. The partnership with Microsoft will allow Foursquare to grow, but also give Microsoft’s Bing a ton of local data that it can use to combat Yahoo and Google.

The $15M investment is an injection of capital into the company, and helps Foursquare out a lot. It is a strategic partnership between the companies, and will allow Microsoft to get more of the social data and social graphs from Foursquare. The location data and API tools for Microsoft can easily be more than $15M if played right by Microsoft.

Microsoft Makes Investment Into Schools

A New Commitment To Education

The other main announcement on Tuesday had to deal with Microsoft and education. Microsoft joined other technology companies like Apple, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to further education. The total investment of $750 million is a wide assortment of mobile, computing, software and other technology investments to get teacher training, wireless broadband, and other pieces of education to Americans.

The group of companies is meant to stimulate education spending throughout America, and is part of the latest ConnectED plan announced by Barack Obama. Microsoft will be contributing teacher training, tablets, laptops, and other devices at lower costs to the educational markets. The move is an investment by Microsoft into the educational markets, and to get Windows and their tablets out to school children and schools as well. It’s part of a larger education spend by Microsoft for sure, and key for the Surface and other devices to grow.

This move is a large scale effort by Microsoft and a strong move. It’s a PR move for sure, but one that Microsoft and others are sure to do anytime.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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