Internet Explorer Gets August Updates

Internet Explorer is still one of the most widely used browsers around the globe, and Microsoft makes it a point to continually update it for users, for both security and privacy. On its IEBlog on Thursday, Microsoft broke down the August updates for Internet Explorer for users.

While a lot of these updates are mainly aimed at programmers and developers in mind, Microsoft made these improvements to make Internet Explorer better. There weren’t a ton of updates made to the browser, but keeping users safe is one of Microsoft’s main goals with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Shows Off August Updates For Internet Explorer 11

Developer Tools and WebGL Rendering Improvements

The biggest improvement to Internet Explorer 11 was to the F12 developer tools. This is were developers spend a lot of time, and new features and bug fixes were made to this feature of Internet Explorer 11. From a color picker in the DOM explorer and adding call stacks for timers and XHR responses, Microsoft has developers in mind.

Microsoft also updated the WebFL render, and this update will give support for a bunch of new features. More Windows 7 systems will now render in hardware mode if supported, and this improvement will also improve Internet Explorer’s Khronos WebFL Conformance Test 1.0.3 test to 96 percent. This means that it is faster and better than before.

Microsoft Releases Security Updates For Internet Explorer 11 To Users

WebDriver Support & Security Updates

In some other news, WebDriver support was added to Internet Explorer 11 for the first time. WebDriver allows for complex user scenarios and allows them to run automatically in the browser. WebDriver scripts are still to be announced though. ActiveX controls have also been updated and are safer to use in Internet Explorer 11.

Lastly, Microsoft also included two security updates for the browser. The first being a critical security update that fixes one publicly disclosed vulnerability and 25 other ones for Internet Explorer. Secondly, a security update for Flash Player was released, which will help with Adobe Flash Player on IE 10 and IE 11. This flash update will help Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 machines according to the posted updates.

Microsoft is always updating IE and it shows. These August updates keep users safe, and users need to download these updates ASAP.

Published: Saturday, August 16th, 2014 Last Modified: August 16, 2014

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