Internet Explorer Finally Comes to Xbox 360 And There’s SmartGlass!

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Browsing on the Xbox 360 is now a reality. The Internet Explorer makes browsing a hassle-free experience without hacks

The Majority of the Microsoft Conference Focused on Non-Game Software, Including Internet Explorer

I’ve wanted Internet Explorer on my Xbox for a few years, but there’s always been the question of how it would work with a controller. That doesn’t seem to be an issue, because not only has Microsoft unveiled Internet Explorer for Xbox but it also unveiled a cross-device app: SmartGlass.

SmartGlass is basically an app that allows content to be consumed across devices – including non-Microsoft devices – such as providing information on the actors in the current scene. The app also knows how much of the show has been watched live, so hopefully we’ll be able to pick up where we left off on any device.

Another example of the app functionality was managing plays through a tablet during an NFL game, viewing Halo Waypoint content, joining a multiplayer match in Halo 4 or viewing the players in that multiplayer game.

Internet Explorer was shown to work via Kinect so, for example, the Microsoft rep said Xbox, Web Hub to see his favorite web site. We didn’t get to see how addresses are typed, so perhaps that can be done via the SmartGlass app. When the HD video was viewed there seemed to be almost instantaneous loading, which was great.

Works on iPhones

Microsoft didn’t explicitly work on non-Microsoft devices, as far as I could tell, but did say the app works on devices you already own. It has since been confirmed by external figures iPhone and Android devices are supported, so it should mean all Windows and Xbox users are getting access to the device.

Like Windows Phone, Microsoft confirmed Xbox Live Microsoft also announced Xbox games will arrive on Windows 8 tablets and PCs. Perhaps will see some improvement on Games for Windows Live, which is needed. Achievements are also in.

I want to see Internet Explorer without the SmartGlass app or Kinect, because I own none and I don’t want to. How am I going to use a controller for this? Can I attach a mouse and keyboard? Sony’s browser is terrible because the controller is too slow, and typing is slow without a keyboard. The services launch this fall, around Windows 8 I’m guessing.

Published: Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 Last Modified: June 6, 2012

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