Internet Explorer Developer Channel Announced

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the most popular web browser on the planet, and with its changes, is looking for IE developers to help it make the next version better. On Monday, Microsoft announced the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, which will build the next IE.

Internet Explorer 12 is the next version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft, and while still not a finished product, it is aiming to build it with the help of developers. The new developer channel is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1, while running Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft Showcases New Colorization Of The Dom In IE 12 Developer Channel

What’s Inside

While this was initially announced in April, Microsoft has built additional developer tools into the F12 menu of Internet Explorer. The developer tools on the developer channel showcase three new changes to the F12 Developer Tools for users. It includes an enhanced debugging experience with event breakthroughs, which will help users get event-driven bugs faster.

Along with that, Microsoft also built richer analysis tools and capabilities throughout the Memory and UI Responsiveness profiles. These will help developers with their filters, and help them measure performance. Lastly, an improved navigation experience with keyboard shortcuts has been done along with new header notifications.

Microsoft Builds Gamepad API Support In IE 12 Browser Channel For Game Developers

WebDrive & Gamepad API’s Inside

With those changes, Microsoft also comes with support for the emerging WebDriver standard. This will allow developers to write tests to automate web browsers to test their sites. It’s more of a remote control testing set of tools, and developers can test their sites quicker than ever with it.

Lastly, Microsoft is including the set of Gamepad API’s that will allow the Xbox 360 controller to play Windows XP games. Users can then use their Xbox 360 controller to play all kinds of games, and use the WebGL graphics improvements to make games run faster on IE. It’s all new still from Microsoft, but users looking to use their controller to play games in the browser, will embrace developers building games for their play. Whether or not this takes place in huge numbers is still unknown, but it makes for fun browser gaming ahead.

These changes to IE 12 are interesting developments. It makes Microsoft want to work with developers more than ever, and thats a good thing.

Published: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 Last Modified: June 17, 2014

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