Internet Explorer 9 Release Date (Soon?)

Well, we don’t have a release date for the Internet Explorer 9 yet, but we have something better for you: Microsoft released a preview demo of the Internet Explorer 9. IE9 will be using the Chakra Javascript engine that Opera 10.5 is using now. So, will the all-new Internet Explorer 9 claim the throne of the world’s fastest web browser?

Internet Explorer 9 Release Date

Internet Explorer 9: What to expect?

No, the preview demo is NOT a beta, it’s supposed to give web developers and interested enthusiasts an early preview of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9. HTML5 is just around the corner, so Microsoft’s next version of the Internet Explorer will include improved support for it. It will also be a lot faster (probably up to 7-10 times faster)! Thanks to the new Javascript-engine Chakra (that gave Opera 10.5 quite a nice boost), IE9 will be faster than ever. Hardware acceleration is another great feature of the Internet Explorer 9 that will boost the browser speed.

  • Improved Support for HTML5
  • Javascript Engine Chakra
  • Hardware Acceleration

Download Internet Explorer 9 Preview Demo

Speculations: Release Date for Internet Explorer 9

Many browsers out there already support many of the new HTML5 features. Google’s browser Chrome already supports Web Canvas, Web Storage, Sandbox for iFrames, Web Workers, GeoLocation and Embed Video/Audio without flash plugins. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 only supports Web Storage so far.

Microsoft has to catch up, but they did not  give us more details about the release date. If they follow a 2-year schedule, Microsoft will be releasing the Internet Explorer 9 in late 2010 or early 2011. Hopefully, there will be an Internet Explorer 9 beta test soon (this summer?). Considering that they already released a preview demo, we can now start looking forward to the beta!

IE9 Release Date Speculations:

Beta Test: Late Summer/Fall 2010
Release Date: Late 2010/Early 2011

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Rounded Corners! And The World Goes Round Again …

Internet Explorer 9 Rounded Corners

Image: Drawing of rounded corners in Internet Explorer 9
Web developers have been waiting for this. There are thousands of methods to achieve rounded corners via CSS or Javascript, but even the Nifty CSS rounded corners are far from being the perfect solution for rounded corners, but the IE9 will include more CSS3 standards that support perfect drawing of rounded corners.

If you’re a web developer and you want to find out more about the Internet Explorer 9, you might want to read this article on the official MSDN Internet Explorer blog.

We’ll be testing the preview demo of the Internet Explorer 9 and will shortly post a first review of the speed, features and general improvements.

Published: Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 Last Modified: March 23, 2010

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