Internet Explorer 11 Launches For Windows 7

On Thursday, the final version of Internet Explorer 11 was released to Windows 7 users, and this final release brings a ton of new features and security patches along with it. The preview has been available for some time, but this final version gives users a better Internet Explorer to use.

The final Internet Explorer 11 bits were released early Thursday morning, and gives users a brand new way to explore the Internet. The final build is identical in most ways to the Windows 8.1 version available today, and is aimed to secure users when they are on the web and more.

Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 7 Launches

Features Of Internet Explorer 11

With Internet Explorer 11, the browser was redone from the beginning to bring security and performance improvements to the users. The engineers in the Microsoft product built up Internet Explorer 11 to build it to help users use the web more, be more secure in their surfing, and shows the power of Internet Explorer to Windows 7 users.

The pre-fetch and pre-render features of Internet Explorer 11 with get users their data quicker, and produce faster load times for users around the globe. The flip-ahead feature will allow users to move ahead to the next page in their story as well, along with the previous page in cache. The features make reading text and stories on the web easier, and make users want to read on the web.

Faster Loading Pages and Security With IE 11

Microsoft Still Leader In Browsers

As Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 hit the web on Thursday, Microsoft still has a large browser battle on its plates. As Microsoft continues to evolve the browser, other companies are evolving the web at a much faster pace. With Google and their Chrome Browser, and Mozilla with their Firefox browser, these companies innovate monthly, where Microsoft takes years.

The web is continuing to evolve, and Microsoft is building Internet Explorer 11 for them, and this release is a very stable and advanced browser. By pre-fetching pages, allowing for easier text reading, and security enhancements, the web is right of track with Internet Explorer, and Microsoft is trying to stay ahead. It will be widely downloaded by users, and is available today.

I use Internet Explorer still, but wish it were more evolved. With Internet Explorer 11, maybe it will be, and become a default browser for most.

Published: Saturday, November 9th, 2013 Last Modified: November 9, 2013

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