Internet Explorer 11 Gives Developers More Options

In its MDSN Blog on Friday, Microsoft developers went into a ton of details that developers will find intriguing for their web development. By giving developers more tools, Internet Explorer 11 will become a great tool for future web development on Windows.

By giving developers the ability to paste images from all sources with full control, pasting lists as HTML lists, and rich and natural undo experiences, web pages can be designed and used in all new ways. The Internet Explorer 11 browser is included in all Windows 8.1 releases.

Pasting Images Easier In Internet Explorer 11

Pasting Images

One of the biggest changes for developers in Internet Explorer 11 is the ability to paste images directly from the clipboard. As Internet Explorer is the only browser allowing for this, it should gain developers attention. From the PrintScreen feature within Windows or from any photo editing software, developers can now plug them right into their web pages with total ease.

The new DataURI ability allows for this, and on its IEBlog, Microsoft went into full details on the coding. It does not require any additional Javascript from the developer, and it converts the images from the clipboard into the DataURI and inserts them into the HTML as HTML. This will make adding images to sites much easier and enhance the quality of images on the web.

Developers Get New Ways To Design With Internet Explorer 11

Lists and Experiences

Another thing that developers will get from Microsoft with IE 11 is the ability to paste lists directly into the page and edit them within the browser. With formatted content that is simply copied into the page, developers and users will find this deployment worth every second of their gained time. It converts the text into real time HTML and able to be used.

Lastly, Internet Explorer 11 has a default undo stack that handles most script editing. By doing this, IE 11 has additional tags and commands that developers can use to help with edits. The browser will track each DOM change and then put into a separate undo unit. The ms-beginUndoUnit and ms-endUndoUnit commands will be an asset to any developer.

These changes are huge for developers and gives them more reasons to use it over Firefox and Chrome, and Microsoft needs to court developers faster than ever for this.

Published: Saturday, October 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 26, 2013

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