Internet Explorer 11 Gets Updates Across Windows Platforms

The Build conference in San Francisco had more updates than anyone could ever have imagined, and the updates to Internet Explorer 11 came as no surprise. The updates are for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1, and should be noticed by users by April 8th.

The number of updates for Internet Explorer 11 add both security, cosmetic, and other updates for users. New experiences called 22 Tracks and FishGL were aslo announced, and users will be able to pick up where they left off on the web, no matter the device.

Microsoft Shows Off Internet Explorer 11 Updates At Build

Windows Phone 8.1 IE 11

With the newly introduced Windows Phone 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 will give users the most mobile experience ever. Live sites will be able to be pinned to the start screen, a reading mode will help those who want to read articles on their phones, voice commands will enable web sites to be loaded by voice, and much more. The 22 Tracks and FishFL experiences in Windows Phone 8.1 will be revolutionary as it gives users a new way to enjoy the browser.

One of the most important updates to Internet Explorer for Windows 8.1 is the InPrivate mode, as it keeps all phone browsing private. The High Savings Mode will reduce data consumption by up to 80 percent, and users will be able to save on costly data bills using this compression in IE 11.

Microsoft Gives Users New FishGL Experience With Internet Explorer Updates

Windows Gets IE 11 Updates Too

With Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer will allow for tabs on screen and the sizes of the fonts and menus to adapt to the screen size and resolution. Users will be able to control when the browser stays on the screen, or users can even hide Internet Explorer if they wish whenever it’s not needed.

Developers get new tools in Internet Explorer, and they get shortcuts to developer tools within the browser. UI and Memory tools plus new debugger tools will make them happy. An enterprise mode has also been included, and those will allow for users to view sites that were only viewable on Internet Explorer 8. Enterprise customers will get new updates in Internet Explorer 11 and will mainly be used for compatibility issues.

Internet Explorer 11 will be getting a lot of new updates. These updates for all Windows platforms will make it more secure and give users reasons to use Internet Explorer 11.

Published: Friday, April 4th, 2014 Last Modified: April 4, 2014

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