Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 7 Preview Released

On Wednesday, Microsoft released their Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 as a release preview.

The latest update to Internet Explorer gives users new developer tools, better graphics support, and improved javascript improvements that users should see right away.

The release candidate version though doesn’t include tab syncing that is available in the preview versions of Windows 8.1. The tabbed syncing options which is available to users in Google Chrome will not be available until Windows 8.1, and that left users unhappy.


Improved JavaScript Performance

In its blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft announced that JavaScript performance will be improved by nearly 10 percent, and users should start seeing that improvement right away as they surf webpages. The ability to speed up web performance on heavily programmed pages that use JavaScript in the past has slowed down Internet Explorer 10, but the latest version should take care of that for users.

More Tablet Optimized

The latest Internet Explorer 7 Release Preview also helps revamp Microsoft’s browser technology when it comes to tablets. The latest improvements to the tablet experience were made so users can start experiencing web content better and faster on their tablets, and at the same time capture traffic from Google Chrome and other tablet browsers.

Why Internet Explorer Matters

With Microsoft’s newest Windows 8.1 coming out towards the end of October, getting Internet Explorer 11 revamped and tested is very important. Internet Explorer has lost marketshare to other browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and others. With its performance improvements and abilities to render Javascript faster, users should start to see differences in their searches and load speeds quickly and immediately. Internet Explorer 11 is highly important for the desktop, laptop, and tablet markets for Microsoft and this version shows that.

Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview is available starting today, and can be used on almost any Windows 7 machine. Keep in mind that the software is a Release Preview, and bugs can exist with the product. The ability to sync tabs should be available in the full release of Internet Explorer 11 when it comes out for Windows 8.1, and will be Microsoft’s gem come later this year. Be sure to download it and test it out.

Published: Friday, September 20th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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