Internet Explorer 10 News: Secret Code in IE9 + MIX 2011

Now that Internet Explorer 9 is out, I can’t wait for Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft made a huge, huge step into the right direction with IE9, if the Internet Explorer 10 can build upon that success, it could very well become the most popular browser in the world and reclaim much of the browser market share.

Internet Explorer 10 News

Personal Note: If it wasn’t for Firefox’s many extensions, I’d probably trash it right now. Chrome is even more unstable recently. IE9 simply works and is fast enough for my individual needs. What’s your experience? IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari? What do you use?

Internet Explorer 10: Secret Code in IE9

The news about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 comes from abroad.  Some internet savvy people in China recently made an announcement that Internet Explorer 8 is already programmed to set Internet Explorer 10 as the default browser.  How could that be when Internet Explorer 9 is barely out and Internet Explorer 10 does not exist?

Internet Explorer 10 Is Now Available

It seems that the software engineers at Microsoft have prepared for the roll out of Internet Explorer 10.  Deep in the software code of Internet Explorer 8 and 9 there is a dialog box which reads, “Internet Explorer 10 is now available. Get the most from the web. Upgrade from Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 10 for a fast, clean, and more trusted web browsing experience.

Will Windows 8 Ship With IE10?

Over in Russia, some web gurus found the same dialogue.  What this all means is obvious, Microsoft is developing Internet Explorer 10.  It is possible that it will be ready for release on or before they roll their next operating system Windows 8 in 2012.  Although these dialogues where in foreign languages, the people at found English code that says, “Internet Explorer 10 is now available.”  These discoveries indicate that Microsoft definitely plans to roll out an Internet Explorer 10.

IE10: Touchscreen Features?

There are a lot of web browsers out there, so competition is stiff.  The benchmarks of a web browser are speed and functionality. Internet Explorer 10 will probably be another tad faster than IE9. Also, there is a rumor that the new Internet Explorer 10 will have new touch-screen features. Touch screen devices and software is popular these days, so it would be great if Microsoft would include touch-screen functionality in its new IE10.

Internet Explorer 10 @ MIX 2011?

Users are looking forward to a timely release of Internet Explorer 10. We already reported, that Microsoft plans to release the Internet Explorer 10 in 2012. Recent news headlines state that at the 2011 MIX Microsoft will be showing off Internet Explorer 10.

About MIX:
MIX is a gathering of developers, designers, UX experts and business professionals creating the most innovative and profitable consumer sites on the web

So that are the latest Internet Explorer 10 News for now. Will keep you posted.

Published: Saturday, March 26th, 2011 Last Modified: March 26, 2011

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