Star Wars Episode 7: You May Not Be The Target Audience (Interview With George Lucas)

star Wars Episode 7 Release Date 2015 If you want to find out more about how George Lucas developed the characters for Star Wars and how he first got into cinematography watch this interview

In the interview, George Lucas explains why so many people dislike Star Wars Episode 1-3 – it’s not for them! If you grew up with the original Star Wars movies 4-6, it’s very likely that you did not enjoy the first three movies. According to George Lucas that’s because long-time Star Wars fans were not the target audience of the first three.

If you think that Disney will continue this legacy in the same way, it’s very likely that Star Wars 7 – 9 might not be your type of movie if you grew up with Star Wars. With that being said, I hope that Disney can work on this and create something that will attract a younger and a more mature audience at the same time.

George Lucas On Developing Characters, Nutrition, Pledges And Himself

To sum it up, this interview covers a lot of things, from developing characters, how George Lucas got into making films in the first place and why he’s giving away most of his money to charity.

Published: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 Last Modified: November 15, 2012

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