Intel Ultrabook Windows 8 Tablet Coming – Amtel Announces Touch Controller Chip

If you are looking for a really awesome Windows 8 tablet, you might want to add the Intel Ultrabook to your watchlist (video below).

Intel Ultrabook Windows 8 Tablet

You might also have to do some hefty hardware upgrades for Windows 8, Amtel announced the first touch controller (mXT1386) that will support Windows 8.

Intel’s Ultrabooks To Compete Head On With Air And iPad

Ultrabook is now a brand owned by Intel and the company will be imposing strict guidelines on those who wish to manufacture Ultrabooks. These thin and light notebooks will be featuring the Core line of Intel’s processors and will be designed to boast features like Instant-on (thanks to Win8 and SSD storage) and long battery life.

They will lighter, faster and more portable and some will likely come with a convertible touchscreen for making it in to a Win8 tablet whenever required.

Amtel Announces First Touch Controller Chip For Windows 8

Amtel is one of the leading makers of touch controllers and they have announce their mXT1386 controller as the first of its kind to have support for Windows 8. This controller’s current claim to fame is that it was the same one that was used for the preview tablet made by Samsung that was given away at the BUILD developers’ conference held last week.

Published: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 Last Modified: September 20, 2011

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