Intel Shows off Hybrid Tablet/Notebook Design at IDF 2012

Intel Hybrid Tablet Notebook Windows

More hybrid laptops, more choice for Windows 8. Intel’s latest hybrid: A tablet-notebook presented at IDF2012.

Intel has unveiled a hybrid tablet/notebook device for Windows. That’s a good thing, right?

The device is called the “Letexo,” and was seen back at CES this year as a prototype. Intel has shared more information on specs since then. The Letexo runs on an Ivy Bridge Processor.

As a hybrid device, you’re effectively buying two devices. One is a tablet, which functions as a tablet should, while the other half can be propped up by pushing the screen upwards to rest the device on a kickstand. This reveals a keyboard, letting it be used as a laptop. In the preview at IDF, Intel showed the device running Windows 8. The Letexo is similar to the Eee Pad Slider, which also props the screen up on a keyboard. Other specs are NFC support, and the ability to use a phone as a remote control.

Intel has partnered with Technicolor and Dreamworks to bring movies and TV to the tablet, on an app called M Go. The app allows users to buy a movie and watch it on a TV through the app, though I see users using established services such as Netflix and Apple TV to do this. There’s nothing to really differentiate the app. Why fragment your library from something that works?

The company didn’t show anything else. It’s going to be interesting to see manufacturers push ultrabooks with different designs to try and differentiate, so hopefully the market doesn’t become oversaturated.

The year of the ultrabook

While I do think there could be way, way too many ultrabooks on the market when Windows 8 arrives I do feel they’re good. When done right, they surpass tablets in functionality. For Windows 8, this is very attractive.

At first I didn’t understand why Microsoft were effectively offering two operating systems, but it make sense when you think about ultrabooks. Tablets only work with Metro because it’s built with touch in mind, but ultrabooks allow users to switch to the more precise desktop version. With high build quality and competitive pricing, I think the iPad could see serious competition. There’s no question if developers will get on board, because this is Windows. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide using the OS.

Published: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 Last Modified: April 17, 2012

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